Just A Small Thing.

This is a kind of tribute thing to all the people who died in Norway on friday. I have a friend who lives in Oslo, and i was terrified that something had happened to her.

People die,

Every day,

It’s a tragic part of life.

But what’s worse,

Is the accidents,

The ones who were meant to be here still.


Some people go mad,

With the power they think they hold.

They use it unwisely,

And ruin others lives.


Two days ago,

This happened somewhere.

Nearly 100 lives lost,

And from one mans decision.


Think of the families,

The parents, the friends,

The survivors of this tragedy,

Who will never be the same.


The people who are up there now,

Looking down on what happened to them.

One mans unwise decision-

Look at the consequences.  

The End

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