Just a Poem for Someone Who Doesn't Matter Anymore

written for a past lover. eh.



Once upon a while

I decide to look up

Into things beyond my reach

Into things I know I'll never reach

Into things I know I shouldn't reach


I see the eyes of the night

Idle in my thoughts and my heart

Yet they see all I have to give


They glisten and taunt me

With their fragile frames of light

Their beacons of promise and wonder


They never speak, they never listen

They only see what I have to give

And they say nothing


I reach to them with my open hands

Asking of their approval

For things I have given

And want to give

And will never give

And should have given


Sometimes, if you stare into their abyss

Of everything that makes us small

And everything that makes us afraid

And everything we know not to be afraid of

And everything we wish we were afraid of

New eyes open to gaze upon you,

Surprised and flattered you have turned to them


They will form together

One by one

Until a thousand midnights have been lifted

By their radiance


Leaving a great white mirror

So that no matter where we are

Or where we will be

Or where we have been

Or where we want to be

If we choose

We may gaze up into the night sky

And see one another gazing back...










The End

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