Just a Lonely Guy with his copy of Radio Times

This chronicles the rather depressing life of the chap who always seems to be left out in life and friendship. This intended to be a song.

The week is over and loneliness begins

Friday night and there is no-one in

Whilst social networking sites beam with parties, booze and drink

One man is left to watch Paul O’Grady Live; he is on the brink


The entire world in his hands by the work of a button

He has become fat, miserable and glutton

His so-called friends ignoring his texts and calls

He is alone whilst everyone is having a ball


Just a lonely guy with his crap TV viewing

This contradicts those lively folk; their nights out brewing

Just a lonely guy with his copy of Radio Times

“Oh. I do hear that film on the BBC is sublime.”


“At least I do not do recreational drugs or have an alcohol addiction,

I’m happy.” But we all know that is a work of fiction

“I could be smoking my lungs out; I’ve got my health.”

         Yet he is a segregated guy all by himself.


What did he get wrong? How did he fail?

Was it his parents? Is he obsessed with Emmerdale?

The person whom passed him the deadly remote should be slain

No social life for our anti-hero, his never-ending pain

Just a lonely guy with his constant film appreciation

From the outer-space galaxies to the fictional police station

Just a lonely guy with a vast DVD collection

Not a single person to show him one bit of affection


How does he stop?

Where are his friends?

How can he rise to the top?

Could he survive? It depends…


To those who will find him

Entrapped in that sacred arm chair

His out-going persona seems pretty grim

Can someone help him? Who will dare?


Just a lonely guy with his decisions and regrets

Waiting for a saviour, no-one comes but yet

He is a just a lonely guy with no real compadres

It only takes one kind invitation to make his day


I am not sure if you have cottoned on to this song

Its meaning and to whom the character does belong

Who is this wretched man? This guy who is so cursed

Let’s just say the third person should have been written in first.




The End

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