Just a Dream.

You saw me at first,
and you wanted to flirt,

i wanted to do the same,
but my friends told me i was insane,
so i thought it through,
then you made your move,
and who would have guessed,
i would have said yes.
i liked you alot,
so i found a spot,
in the center of my heart,
right from the start.
In just 1 week i loved how you were so sweet,
then 1 day,
i just could'nt say,
you would'nt talk,
but chooses to walk,
away from me,
then i started to see,
something was wrong,
with you and me.
i went and asked around
and the information i found,
left me astound.
You never liked me,
but how could that be?
We had so much fun,
and all the sudden were done.
So many questions raced through my mind,
because just yeasterday,
me and you were just fine.
So i told myself,
It's just a dream,
regardless of what it may seem.
then lull myself deep,
into a soothing sleep.
Then i know,
how everything will go,
I will go to school,
I'll act like everything's cool.
I'll wear my old boots,
even if they're to small,
then i'll walk down the hall,
with my head held high,
because i live my day by,
the fact of what it may be,
is overran by my beleiving,
that its just a,

The End

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