Listen to Me

Just hear my words for once.

Why do you turn away?

I am telling you what you need

To hear, what you need to know.

And yet you never take the time.




It hurts.

Do you know what it feels like

When you give everything to 

Somebody, and it's so painful,

Because they still don't love you,

But you have nothing left to give.




You make me cry.

You are the reason for the nightmares,

And yet i can't take my eyes off of you.

You are the one that sneers at me,

And yet i can't stop my hands from reaching out.

And you ares still the one that pulls back her

Hand, slams her fist into my face,

Knocks me backwards.

Why can't i stop this twisted one-sided love?




I can't help but remember who you were before.

Before people swept you away from me,

And before you stopped writing.

Popularity has warped you.

I don't know you anymore, and that scares me.

But i still hold memories of laughter-filled nights close to my heart.




To everyone who wishes for love

I say that i know how you feel,

I see the pain as my own, I've felt it before.

So i say goodbye, i can't handle the hurt anymore,

I'm taking the easy way out,

I'm cheating my way out of life.

The End

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