junior year

Rambles about almost graduating.

i fret and i worry
i become scared and sad
for this is my third to last year of high school
junior year

it strikes in my minds, "i am leaving high school soon..."
this does not please me, not one bit
i want to cry and yet be joyful, but i can't decide

i don't have much good memories, but i have good friends
those friends i shall leave behind, it is very bothersome
it breaks my heart to think to leave the school very soon

once i start senior year this dread will come back
the teachers i have cared about and love like another relative 
and friends that are like my siblings

but i try not to worry, since senior comes in August 
while this is merely February
then again as i leave in the near future, i have wishes;

to be a student and be young to hang out with my friends at my school which i have grown to love

The End

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