June Tenth, Two-Thousand and Fourteen

I've made a lot of changes

I've done a lot of growing

Trial and error was a reoccurring theme.

I've been a different person

I've seen through different eyes

But my view of you never shifted.

Looking at you today is the same as a year ago,

And I can't tell if it's for better or worse.

All I know is that you and I have both changed,

But why do we still end up here?

You're no different than who I fell in love with

But you're nowhere near the same.

I can tell what's changed,

But not what's stayed the same.

Two paths intertwined at a point in time

Huge swerves have happened since,

But the paths meet again.

Are they crossing?

Or blending together?

Or is it an intersection,

Like a crossroads?

The bullet train of love rushes through the roads, no matter their connection.

Whatever lies ahead is hidden by the fog of the future.

 Is this telling me to let the light burn the fog, 

Or to bask in the light of our love for the time being?

The End

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