June Is Winter In The Southern Hemisphere

First poem on here, critique away!

June is winter in the Southern Hemisphere,

Showering rains and fallen clouds around here,

Grass is blue with a morning dew,

Morning and evening eaten by the night,

Shorter is the radiance of daylight.

The strangest feeling when the sun shines through,

A bone chilling cold still rattles us anew,

Confusion between the eyes and skin,

We believe that the light,

Is to warm us within.

This winter is not marked with death of green,

In fact, now is when it's beauty can be seen,

A glowing colour from plants around,

The drops have dissolved nitrogen,

And fallen to the ground.

June is winter in the Southern Hemisphere,

How could it be anything else?

December, January and February are joyful words,

And June resounds asonance with gloom,

And an untold relation to July and August, too.

The End

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