I did not seek, but did stumble upon...
and I delighted in your solitude.
Your countenance and caring glance;
the need within your eyes did brood
the romance you did not intend and neither sir, did I,
was brought upon by common land, jazz,and some red wine.

The most romantic night I've spent, with stranger could I find
In liking looked, and took a chance, and so made up my mind
and when you you kissed my trembling mouth...so very soft and slow,
your arms entranced and wrapped around my an ideal in my soul

Though it was not consummate, to me you did make love, as you know...
your patience set my blood on fire, and cast within my heart a glow
unexpected poetry of bodily rhythm, of lovliness of mind and heart
never again did i expect to feel such joy in loving living art...

I saw you mean every caring glance, every loving brush of hand and face
what any woman wouldn't do for such a man of such unfailing grace...
Your honor spoke to me of more than of a life well spent
it spoke to me of how you care, and so, this compliment...

The End

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