Oh Julianne,
What would you say if you were to see me today, 
In all my power,
All my glory?
Would you apologize for leaving me when I was but a boy,
For abandoning me when I had nothing more to live for?
Sweet Julianne,
My dearest love,
Would you throw yourself at my feet,
Begging for my love that you once had?
Prying for the words I gave to you before?
Foolish Julianne,
You poor soul who left me in my darkest days,
Do you regret forgetting me in my time of need?
Because dearest Julianne,
I can see you now,
Crying for me,
Calling out when I have nothing left to answer with.
I can hear your silent screams,
Echoing across the barren field that used to be my heart,
That you harvested and left to freeze.
But alas, my simple Julianne;
Who is freezing now?

The End

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