Judgement By Hair Length

Ever feel like you've been unnecessarily singled out because of your appearance?

       I was walking up the street, late one Sunday night,

         The cops were driving down the street, and I was to their right.

       One said to the other, "There's a freak at 3 o'clock!

         Long hair and a leather jacket...we'll have a little talk!"

       So they pulled up right beside me and they motioned me to stop,

         I thought I'd best obey him, after all, he was a cop.

       He asked a bunch of questions, and I grudgingly obliged,

         I wondered what he'd do to me, if I had've lied.

       "We're only checking up!" he said,

         "There's nothing you've done wrong!"

         But I know why they stopped me:  it's because my hair was long.

       He had only done his job, and he'd been nice about it,

         But would he have stopped me if I'd had short hair?

            I really doubt it.



The End

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