This is a poem about women who are being abused, mistreated, and hurt. I've always been a woman's advocate, and would love to write more about this.

She felt like less of a woman. She was humiliated. Raped, but being blamed for it. Had a miscarriage, but was blamed for killing the baby. She couldn't take it. She thought about ending her life. She thought about buying a gun, and blown her brains out. That would put her and her pain they caused out of misery.
She cried, but no one listened. They killed her spirit, her self esteem, her womanhood. She looked into the mirror, and saw a heartbroken woman. The scars on her face were all too real, too painful. She felt lost, and she didn't know who to trust. She was underpaid, because of the fact that they felt as a woman, she deserve the decrease pay that she get. It is heartbroken. She would not be able to feed her children. What was she to do? She prayed and prayed. Asking God to please send her a miracle. Because the house was going to be in foreclosure, and she would be out on the streets with her 3 year old, and her two month old baby. Where is the father? He was just like the rest of the losers who raped her, beat her, humiliated her, persecuted her, and cut her pay. He was a woman beater who almost killed her, if God hadn't saved her just in time. The screams from her go unanswered, and she felt inside, she had died. She felt alone, silenced forever.
There is hope. For this was a new day. Other women came to her aid. They lifted her up. She thanked God for sending them. Life breathed into her heart again. She was happy again. She found joy, peace, and all of the love she have. This is why her name is Joy.

The End

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