The fight's about me now. 

No longer can I make short-term promises to end long-term pain.

How can I confess my faith if I don't have enough strength to endure this race? 

How can I say "Oh He saves!" when I don't believe it in my head?

Hypocrite, hypocrite am I!

The worst sin of all!

So now its up to me.

Will I choose freedom for myself?

Refusing to think of what others think, what others do, what others would say.

Refusing to think how my good or bad decisions would influence numberless people.

Its just me and freedom now.

Turning my head, will I scoff at the opportunity, hiding my tears to shield the pain.

Or will I humbly confess my weakness, searching for hope in that love.

When will I make this decision?

Later, later, its always later.

How much longer can I wait?

The crossroads lay before me this moment, I am forced to make a decision.

Am I strong enough to be free? 

The End

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