Tomorrow I'll Be A Fighter

I didn't feel like a fighter today.
The load is too heavy, the pain too deep.

I didn't think the good things today.
I don't try to revert the lies my head is saying.

I don't love myself right now.  
The hopelessness is making me cry again.

The facade is wearing me down.
The fight is bringing me to my knees.

How much longer can I go on?
How much longer can I fight till I die?

How much longer till I decide to give up, to give in?
The answer should be never, but I'm not sure today.

So I'll go to sleep tonight, with fresh tears in my eyes.
Looking at the stars twinkling, my Bible nestled tightly against my heart.

I'll make it through the night.
To see the light of another day. 

And maybe I'll feel like a fighter tomorrow.  

The End

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