I Don't Miss You

I hope your doing well.

I really do.
I could never stand to see you in  pain.
As we are standing here, next to each other.
The years we were together present in our minds.
The world begins to spin, yet slow down.
Its just you and I.
I'm begging you to get better again.
I can hear the pain in the voices.
The screaming, the blurs.

Then we are standing there again.
Shaken from our lonely oblivious states.
The screaming ensues yet again.
More chaos is produced.

But I'm just standing there.
Wondering how I'll move on again.
After I've seen you. 

I hope you don't think about me as much as I do you.
I hope your happy.
Or have happy moments.
I hope you dream sweet dreams.
The guilt of the pain you have inflicted numbed.
You don't know me anymore.
And it hurts.
It hurts a lot.
I can't comprehend letting you go. 

You were there for almost every second of my life.
Then you left.
You just left.
But I still hope your happy.

Please sleep at night.
Please don't think about me.
I wish I could look at you again.
Tell you honestly all I've been through.
What would your reaction be?

Would you cry?
Would you be angry?
Would you hug me, cry for me, slap me?

 I don't wish you were here again.
But then again I do. 


The End

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