The Way You Love Me

What do I love about you?

The way you whisper to me all the day long.
Telling me "Good morning!" or kissing me good-night.
You keep me going through the day, speaking words of encouragement to my heart.
Making me smile through the pain, laughing with me in the pleasures.

The way you tell me things that I should have known all this time.
Showing me in the book you gave me, what my lies do not support.
Singing over me, leading me to songs that comfort me.
Continual singing within my heart.

The way you give me people who will help me.
People who will laugh, cry, remind me of you and all your goodness.
They are precious jem's in my sight, they are a lovely gift from you.
Just when I start to fade you pull me back again through them.

The way you teach me lessons through struggles.
Though I struggle, nearly all the time, you point out lessons through my mistakes.
You show me that through hardship I have become stronger, wiser, and more in love with you.
I look back with a smile on my face, but only because of you.

The way you disown the lies I tell to myself.
When that Devil tries to come near me.
You tell me I am worth more than this.
I am who you say I am, nothing less.

The way I can feel your presence all the time.
Whether in happiness, in despair, in hardship, or in guilt.
I feel what I need to feel.
Its warmth and healing to my distrustful heart.

The way I feel when I am with you.
I want to dance, sing, laugh, scream with all that is within me.
I never want to leave your side.
Stay with me always, please always be my Guide.



The End

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