Forever With You

I feel your love wrap around my fragile heart.
Warm the recesses of the cold hurt.
I could have had it all along, it was sitting right in front of me.

Wrapped in beautiful packaging.
I see the way you love me.
Though you know my weaknesses you don't even care.

My sadness, my anger, my pain, my confusion.
They are now your's to carry, I don't want that shame.
You smile at my troubles, wipe away the tears.

Carry me to a place you know is best for me.
Now I can finally breath.
Nothing is suffocating me.

I skip and dance in your freedom.
An ecstatic smile in my eyes.
My hair flows out behind me, as you watch me in delight.

This is what happens when I love you so.
It makes me love myself too. 
I can enjoy this freedom.

I never want to leave this place.
But I know sometimes things will try to pull me away.
Promise to always try to bring me back.

Remind me of what I love about you.
Whispers your love into my once again shameful heart.
Tantalize me with your goodness. 

Forever in your freedom.
Forever in your love. 
Forever I want to be with you.  

The End

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