Keep Floating

Sometimes I get so tired.
Of trying to stay afloat.
Smiling through the pain of confusion.
Just barely making it through the day.

Smiling just to make it through the day.
All the while hiding the pain.
Shuffling through the hours.
Longing to go back to sleep at the beginning of the day. 

Sure it should seem like no big deal.
But my world has been rocked.
Would you define that as a minor collision?
Tell me how to get by.

Feeling like I am constantly stuck in a dream is sickening.
I can't decide if this is would be a nightmare or a good dream.
Maybe its what I make it.
But living in this dreamlike state is shocking. 

I am the adult now?
You are the child.
Taking care of everything, trying to maintain control.
When I am really about to loose it.

How am I going to make it?
Is there no hope?
Is there no future for me
Am I going to continue growing old too quickly?

But I have a safe place.
Somewhere I can go to to find answers.
I have a safe person.
Who knows everything about my life and how I feel about it.

I can smile, I can laugh.
I can be free.
I can be happy through the pain.
Its possible through Him.

I'll keep afloat.
My world will eventually stop rocking.
I'll find my footing on unshifting ground. 
I'll keep smiling through the pain. 



The End

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