He Understand's

I don't understand.
They don't understand.
The thoughts that whip through my head.
The feelings the rip out my heart.

They look at me with confused faces.
Sympathy etched into their eyes.
But they don't understand.
How I could feel this way.

The tears so needlessly spent.
The scars so needlessly made.
My heart doesn't know a helping hand.
Nobody understands the pain. 

Alone in this fight.
The surrender is evident.
If only someone understood the pain.
I harm myself, soul, mind, and body to relive myself from the tension inside.

They don't understand why I feel the need to punish myself.
They don't understand how horrid I feel.
They don't understand that I hate myself.
 Nobody understands.

But there is one who completely understands.
Who has felt every emotion possible.
He understand every thought.

He understands the need to feel pain.

How is this possible, someone so perfect understands?
I don't understand, but it is not mine to comprehend.
But I must be deeply loved for someone to come to my pain.
I am not alone in this.

 He knows my pain, my struggles.
He has been here before.
He has fought the thoughts I fight.
He has slain the demons I slay.

I follow in His footsteps.
Smiling through the pain.
No longer misunderstood.
He understands. 



The End

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