Silence the Lies

Truly alone, truly forsaken.
The last of friendships abandon.
Shut yourself off from those who love you.
Look what you have done to yourself.

They don't notice until its too late.
They see your so far gone, they realize you're sick.
But do they realize they could have stopped you?
Do they realize they had power over you?

You think you are weak.
You know you need to heal.
You think you are so far gone.
You know you need to be saved.

But pride, pride is stopping you.
"Redemption is not your's, salvation for the more worthy" you say.
But can't you see, can't you see?
You are worthy, I have called redeemed!

Can't you see you are free?
These chains are self-made?
I have given you the key, you have the power to be freed!
Don't believe the lies, listen to me!

Listen to me!
You are lovely, worthy, beautiful, and happy.
Choose to believe it, I have whispered loving words into your hurting heart.
I love you dearly, I want you to be free. 

You will never be too far gone.
I will always rescue you when you call.
Carry you back to the path I have chosen for you.
You are never too far gone. 

The End

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