Dusk comes quickly, the darkness overtaking the light.
The night blacks out the rays of the radiant sun.
Watching the last of hope set, dreading what is to come.

The inky black fills the room, creeping to my soul.
Creating chills through my body.
Yet another sleepless night. 

Curtains blow lazily, the stars desperately try to twinkle.
Hoping to arise hope.
Begging me to keep the fight up, pleading with me to keep toiling. 

Here come the demons, cackling as they surround me.
Tears fill my eyes, a desperate crazed squeal stuck in my throat.
Will I ever escape, will light ever come again?

Slowly the clock ticks by, hour by hour the night is spent.
It seems like days go by, my resolve to keep fighting is ending.
The lies fill my head, how much further can I press on? 

Struggling to keep the battle at bay, hoping I can make it another hour.
The tears flow readily now, will light ever come again?
I cry aloud, pleading within my heart for a lamp to rescue me. 

But there, beautiful sun!
Lovely hope!
Such a wonderful sight!

But what, it is still night outside.
The demons still call from the sidelines. 
How is this?

Then I see my Light.
My beautiful Savior.
He has rescued me from the night.

I will never walk through the dark again, He will forever be by my side.
When I call He will come to my aid, when I cry He is beside me.
Eternal sunshine upon a darkened fighting ground has He supplied me.



The End

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