Tantalizing Taste

The first taste of freedom.

Likens to honey, sweet honey.

The freedom of the heart.

Overabundance of joy, lovely joy.

Uninhibited, unadulterated, child-like.

With no fear of the fight to keep said freedom.

Tantalizing me further into this loveliness.

I want this forever.

This taste, 

this lovely taste.

Is the drive to keep fighting when the battles get tough.

Is the ambition to survive this time when the fights become fiercer.

Is the initiative to further my footsteps along this path of redemption.

I will forever remember this taste of freedom.

The joy I found here.

It will be a haven within the corners of my mind.

When the snickering demons try to tantalize me back to my forsaken fetters.

I will remember this freedom.

I will live in it continually one day, without any further cost.

I won't have to fight for my life for it.

This is my resolve.

The End

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