Journey to Lovely

I made a decision the other day.

And when I make decisions, I stand resolute in them.

Which may be the reasons I haven't made many.

I made the decision to move on with my life. I realized I had been living in my memories, wanting to live in my past. 

All the while ruining my present. 

I had been hurting the people I haverightnow. My family, friends, and myself. I realized that if I continued down this path......I would soon yearn for my present. 

So I made the decision to stop. 

Just stop.

I want to smile.

I want to be happy and not feel guilty.

I want to smile and not hide it.

I want to enjoy the good times and learn from the bad.

I just want to befree.

Free without feeling guilt.

I decided to stop trying analyze the pieces.

And just leave them.

Just go.

As difficult and tearful a parting it is.

It's worth it.

So this is my journey to letting go of the past.

Embracing the future.

To becoming lovely.

The End

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