Journey through 2012

How I feel was a message to me about 2012
The Angels and our higher source

Life has many paths on rise
Twists and turns will follow by surprise
Look around what do we see
Shattered lands, fallen trees
Animals with sad look in their eyes
Asking for help sounding like cries

We sadly walk among our earth
Allowing our heals to plumment in dirt
We stare in awe, yet no solution
The universe surrounded by pollution

Therefore we must change the earth
Keep our children safe at birth
Heal the world so its safe to play
Do for our chidren, this is the way

Love is stronger then greed,war or fear
Faith will bring hope all will become clear
If just one of us will use our strength
The others will follow and go that length

Lets make a pact
Believe in our earth
Pray everyday
For the earths new rebirth

Hold your loved ones everyday
Brace the moment when you can
Fulfull your dreams love and play
This is the message of Gods plan

Pass on love take away the curse
Feel the power of the great universe
Be proud as one what you achieve
Heal the planet just believe

2012 comes to an end
The world now in Gods hands
Everything crashes as we know it
The earth on brand new land

Written by Laurie

August 8 2012

The End

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