The Beginning.Mature

January 23, 1903

   Mother and Father are arguing again. He thinks its her fault for his affair, but she thinks its his fault for her lack of self care. I don't give a crap either way. They're both turning one another into monsters. I need out.

February 15, 1903

   Father left three days ago. Today would have been their 30th wedding aniversary. So much for a joyus event. Mom has been hiding behind her cigarettes and booze all morning. There'll be no dinner tonight.

February 22, 1903

   We recieved a letter in the mail today. Father wrote in his note that he was blaming us for his death. It's not our fault he decided to jump off a bridge...

April 18, 1903

   It's been awhile. Mother is sick, and we're in debt. The city is claiming the house tomorrow. Mother keeps talking about moving in with Grandma George, but I know the two women hate one another more than Mother and Father hated each other.

April 19, 1903

   House is gone. Mother didn't wake up the next morning when the city people came to collect. I'm alone. It's hard, but what's harder is realizing that I always have been. The police say that Grandma George cannot support me, and that I must live in an Orphanage. I'll deal with it.

July 02, 1903

   The darkness under my eyes is becoming more prominant. The other kids wont look at me. They think I'm crazy. My hair has already lost its life. It's dull, dark, lank, and plain. Just like me now I suppose.

The End

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