Josh and Eliana

I met these two in Brooklyn. They're both artists with a studio based out of an old factory. Josh makes 3D movies and Eliana, a colombian (ay ay ay!), draws pictures. In one series she drew lots and lots of tiny office supplies (paper clips, staples, etc.) in patterns or... not.

To get the best effect from 3D movies, the viewer is advised to step back.

BTW, in colombia, being "carrot" is an expression for being healthy.

Josh and Eliana

Ya no fuman marijuana.

They have enough euphoria

quedandose zanhoria.


While Eli is romantic,

Josh is a fanatic -

of movies in 3D

and chicas from Calí.


They taught me to step back

and let my eyes relax.

and there I saw what couldn't be

where I was searching desperately.


From lines and blurs and paperclips

and painted frozen golden lips

came life in all its forms

pins all swimming in a swarm

A gallery of galaxies

concealed in broken factories.

The End

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