Joe and Jane, Rhyme and Time

Joe was walking down the street

Looking for somebody to meet

Jane was running up the hill

Never stopping or staying still


Joe glanced here and there

And even thought he saw a deer

Jane didn’t look where she was going

So she didn’t see where the wind was blowing


Needless to say they did not meet

Jane was looking at her feet

Joe was looking too afar

Staring at the bright blue car


Who knows what could have been if they had

Perhaps it would be good, perhaps bad

Perhaps they would have got married

Or perhaps they would have tarried

Perhaps they would have tormented each other

Perhaps they wouldn’t even hate each other enough to bother


Millions of these moments pass by us each day

Countless possibilities, infinite play

Jane and Joe did not meet this time

Their lives went on, like this rhyme


No beginning nor end

No middle too

I guess the rhyme is over

Unless it just lies around the bend

Waiting to begin again 

The End

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