A shot of sunshine in the blackest of days
I’ve seen the hatred you were capable of
I had every right but no intention
you covet more than you can endure

It’s too easy to be spiteful
Intoxicated by the sombre melodies
we were doomed to be saved
but who needs a saviour when we have ourselves?

I want to know if you ever felt remorse
I want to know if I need to let go of my resentments
I want to know if I need to let go of you

The romance is well and truly dead
to a nihilistic grave where the chill instils
But we are in a better place where the silence
is numb amongst the counties that separate us

Please elaborate on the rumours
I know that you’re above them all
Come on, throw away the remnants
of a poisoned epitaph for which we are chained

I want to know if there is anything I can do
I want to know if we have truly moved on
I want to know if you really understand

I will leave roses on the place
where we tried to live for each other
Least now we can see the sun
and try to live for ourselves

So tell me about your day
I got time to spare
I don’t care about what the carrion says
It makes no difference to me

I want to see if I can bleed this out
I want to believe that you are true
I want to kill all the secrets and memories
I want to see if you felt the same pain
Then I will know you have a soul
I can’t hate you anymore
Life’s too short to be hung up on trivialities

The End

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