Amanda asks at dawn and day,
Brassy bantam sass at bay,
Dark sarcasms stashed away; 

A waltz? A cask? A bazaar stall?
Any happy plans appal
That sharp cat (a tad banal)

Gallantry, alas, apart
A nasty, hasty, fracas starts--
Say and smash, act brash and smart.

Raw wrath and scars amass,
Lad and gal are all aghast,
Amanda saw stars--crash. 

Halt, fall back, abash;
Chalk and wall, amply flash,
Call a day, a day; all clams, cash.

*'clams' is slang for small change/dollars--I'm using a bit of artistic
license here, and using it as a synonym for poker chips, or similar

The End

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