Jesus Was A Man

With the creek of the closing door behind

Then that of toes on the floorboards outside

With flowing tears and a swollen rear

With clasped hands and knees on the floor

and an angel's breath that sings no more

She prays.


Lord was Jesus human?

He was perfect I understand

but God Jesus was a man


And as a man natured to rip, plunder, rob and tear.

Robed me of what was mine before I knew what was there.

Lies on lies, says we're like any other family.


Lord are you listening?


I can't think of Jesus with the figure of a man

With man parts and a mans lustful heart

Instead I'll call him saviour

Maybe that would make it better.


For he wears scars for us all, for toil

Though it'd rather my scars be his

My saviour! Won't you come? Times are spoiled.


Now God you are not my father

I cannot accept this appellation

You promise a life of happiness forever after

But I will forever be bonded by my family relations


So your not, Lord your not!

For my father ripped, raped, robed and tore

My hope out until all that was left was void

Black like the shackled limbs of the weary


And through this situation I face

I swear hell would be a better place





The End

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