jesus was a manMature

jesus sweet jesus

i wish you could see

the earth is dyeing underneath me

i tried all alone to fix it myself

istead i got murdered, and kicked, and left out

was i that mean in an other life?

 that i had to suffer?

and make others suffer too?

its dark here and i can not see alone

i wish my mother would take me home

but still rageing water

all over this mind

where is the temple?

 they promised was mine

suffering oh suffering i know you so well

they will cut me open and empty out my shell

soon to be an uplift of everyone's curse

what could be better ?and what could be worst?

oh you have nothing better to do

then to think of the past and how i betrayed you

so heres to you sweet people of the past

forgive and forget and you better fucken laugh

til death do us part you incredible halk

i was only here for a short time you thought i was lost

so ride your poney, and beat it too...

im wearing my shoes what about you  ?

so this is the end my faithful friends

hope you had a great time at my expense

The End

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