jesus christ just stop it and go awayMature

fuck you. 

no, seriously, 
i'm actually considering walking into traffic

i've handled myself up to here, 
i've dealt with my own goddamn fallout, 
and now you say this?

fuck you and everything you think you stand for. 
you're my mother, but that doesn't mean i have to love you. 

i've gone through this by myself, 
wide hands and slitted eyes, 
so don't start acting worried now. 

we all know you never cared. 

so what if i cleaned my room?
blank spaces everywhere, 
emptiness surrounds me

i will be fine. 
i always have been, 
and i will claw myself out
by my fucking self 

so back up, back off, 
i'm tired of this bullshit
and i'm ready to sleep now. 

stop it -
i'll do whatever i goddamn want to. 
just leave me alone 

you're doing more harm than good. 
like usual. 

The End

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