The Court Jester of Outer Farbania is run outa town.

There was a Court Jester from Outer Farbania
Whose true life's dream was just t' entertain ya'
'Fore th' King stood captives hooked on a chain yeah
That same fateful moment th' jester spoke from his mania
The captives all laughed and to th' king they exclaimed
We like our new home an' will gladly remain here

The King was outraged and glared at th' jester
Guffawing is banned here I cannot maintain ya'
Get outta my castle 'fore I hafta detain ya'
Or far better still t' have my guards here t' brain ya'
So out in th' rain th' jester trekked 'cross th' plain
Over to th' village where he could hop on a train

Then a boat th' jester took to cold Pennsylvania
Where th' City Fathers cried loud as with pain
Ya' gotta find a job for we can't sustain ya'
Y'er too funny to work here so we'll hafta re-train ya'
So off to th' school they trucked th' poor jester
T' learn th' high trade of an earwax reclaimer

The End

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