Jenna was just a dreamer. She raveled in tiny fantasies.
I thought I was helping her, but I didn't know I was getting in the way of her dreams.


The heart still stings upon hearing the name

That belonged to a girl who was so kind,

Who dreamed sweet dreams that put dreamers to shame.

But those dreams no longer go through her mind.

She clung to her dreams as time went on by.

I was not for her acts of “Innocence”.

To refuse reality, she did try.

I should have left her in her ignorance.

She stayed hopeful ‘til she could not face me.

Talked so loud she no longer had a voice.

Took each word ‘til she no longer could dream.

To leave us all behind was her own choice.

Now there’s no one to keep her from the stars.

Jenna’s hopes and dreams will be in our hearts.

The End

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