Jealousy Is The Ugliest Trait

When someone is gyrating at your brain.. right a poem about it. It's one of those simple late night affairs which needs to be done.
Don't hate the people who hate you, love them. It's the most awful thing for them- as they don't know how to love you back. Teehee. I love the person I wrote about- they gave me great writing material!

Penetrating glances,

Sharp ice sniping,

I roll my eyes at your fragile decorum.


Your prospects beg to prosper,

Your insults repent from wound,

I'm a better person than you.


My love ignites more love,

Your hate inflicts more hate,

I pity you.


Controlling and demanding would describe you,

Whereas I am positive and care-free to name but two,

I just want to smile at you.


Make a big show of being my friend,

Next thing I know you grant me a dirty look again.

I have to love that bitter sweet side to you

(no gritted teeth- it's true)


Your looking down on me right now like a cat whose got the cream,

An alcoholic whose striked Amaretto and is smiling at the bottle's glassy sheen.

But I can play the game too you see.

Just watch me.

Don't ever try cheapening or rubbishing me

As my love attracts all things mighty,

Your hate attracts all the woe.


So who will come out on top?

I already know.


I feel sorry for your past,

I can see it in the depths of your eyes,

They look so vast.


It doesn't account for the treatment of the here and the now though,

But your spite you spit makes me look golden,

So keep on doing your hating

Because maybe one day I will be holding him.



The End

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