This is a poem I just wrote off the top of my head, revolving around jealousy; talking about how it takes over your life if you aren't capable of controlling it.
I hope you enjoy.

It leaks in through the cracks in the walls
And seeps through the floorboards.  
You lock up the doors
In hope that it will go away...
But it persists.
It bangs against your door
And smashes open your windows.
It shrieks through the stereo
And glints in your picture frames.
It is agony
Watching it take over your life
That you can no longer control.
You plead for it to stop
But the growing feeling continues
Longing for the attention
It found long ago.
For if only
You were like them
Would this torture desist.
If only
You knew them
Would the sounds disappear.
But until then
The agonizing glory reveals itself
Over and over
Now all that is left
Is your coward face
Waiting for the final blow
To push you to the ground.
And as you wait in pain
You see a single splinter of light.
So you close your eyes
And allow the pain to reveal itself
Once again.

The End

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