Je t'aime

Haddaway plays the radio but we turn the volume down

scrunched in the back of your van, hoping to God not to make a sound.


We're parked in a parking lot,

the famous line sings you turn it off.


Hand shoots up, touching flesh,

tongues collide, lips mesh


I stare into your eyes and tell you that "I love you."

You stare into my soul and say, "Okay."


You make him promises you are bound to keep,

you enrage yourself over his feet

you curse and blame everything he does,

but it will never compare to love.


Parents leave, empty house so quiet

we crawl in bed as we can't deny it.


No sex, no kissing, nothing but love,

some snuggling, cuddling, and caressing for us.


This is were I want to be,

forever trapped between your sleeves


with your warm curved body pressed against mine,

where we can simply lay to wind away time.


For hours can I look into your eyes,

peering into the soul of one who flies


and soars through this heart I own,

to make my only flesh bemoan


your ever coming departing song,

which will leave me as everything but strong.


For though, as we time ourselves right now,

I know that you still want him somehow.


He may infuriate and insult,

but realize that while he sulks,


that until the two of you are done,

you and I cannot truly be one.


I love you more, than you can know

so please, dear Lord, do not show me


Why it is, I stopped trying to trust

my fellow man ever so much.


And so I'll turn back on the Haddaway song,

"Baby don't hurt me, no more..."

The End

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