Japan Earthquake Poems

Here you can post any poem in thoughts of Japan,
may it be Acrostic or Haiku. Or free verse, whatever you want!

                                                                                Japan Haiku

A huge Tsunami,

Is you survive this nightmare,

It will be okay,

You are not alone,

Its not quite the beginning,

of the end of life,

Never feel lonely,

Its certainly not the end,

We are here with you,

Don't give up your hope,

We cry for your family,

Together we stand,

With us by your side,

We will fight and defend,

for the world is one,

Your pain is our pain,

Some sakura trees still stand,

Your symbol of hope,

We'll support your fight,

you just keep standing so strong,

As long as we try,

we can all stop this,

this won't all disappear,

just like that- all gone.

The End

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