It was just another sad January for a sad year
no one dares to lighten up in this bleak cenotaph
To what we have gained from what we have lost
it was then, I saw her in the haze

It had been a long ride to the town she sought
she swore she was meeting family and friends
But no one recognised her, but I ain’t so sure
women like her and have come and gone in my short life

So I struck up a conversation just to ease the boredom
turns out, she had more to say than ten
The way she touched my arm, the brief glances and all
I guess I was doomed from the start

I gave her my jacket so she wouldn’t get cold
so she gave me a smile and went on her way
I may be confused but at least that is a certainty
who knows where I stand with her

We met once more as she was on her way
that one night by the waterfall was all she ever needed
I asked her when she’d be coming back
but she was coy about it, said I was too eager

So a month went by and I was finally serene
it was then she packed up and hit the road
Folks say, she caught the 10:15 to the city
I think she just wanted more than she could handle

The End

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