I'm sorry I used your name,

And I copied a style,

But I can't think of my own way,

To make you smile.

In the end, 

I could never say how I feel,

Despite all the time I would spend,

Pretending our love was real.

I know that you like me,

I know I can make you grin,

We're friends aren't we,

Would some love be such a sin?

I sit in my room,

Thinking about your face,

I'm a creep wallowing in his doom,

I'm just a disgrace.

I want to make love to you,

I want you to see what I am,

There's nothing I'd rather do,

Than see you make me a man.

But you'll never love this boy,

I'm harsh, ignorant and cruel,

Please use me, make me your toy,

Please think I'm cool.

Janette I love you,

This is all I know,

Do to me what ever you want to,

Just please don't go.

The End

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