Traduction (Translation): Jet

Liquid jet

which rests in the pupil of the eye

contains the flowers of the soul:

emotions -

joy, love,

even sadness.

It's a beautiful sea.


It's a beautiful sea.

A precious sea, a serene sea,

a mysterious sea: a sea

which you [one] can try to explore

or leave a mystery.

Perhaps you, my dear friend,

want the person of your dreams

(whom you await impatiently)

to look at you

and see the secrets of your heart.

[literally: 'you... want that the person of your dreams ... looks at you and sees...]


And me, I love emotions.

But this time, I think

that I will speak of Jet.

Jet of Midnight.

The Black Precious Stone.

It shines for me like

diamond. A colour so strong,

so solid... yet liquid.

A colour which melts.

I want to swim in it.

Jet, jet, jet.

It rests

in the pupil of the eye.



The End

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