I've Learned to Forget the Stars

A poem inspired by growing up in increasing light pollution, where we've become too absorbed with our own light to see the wonders far away

I’ve learned to forget the stars.

I shouldn’t, but I have.

Their flurry of lights in the darkness above,

Illuminous clouds in the cosmos,

Streaks of fire setting the sky ablaze,

Spirals and whirls of madness.


It took me a while to notice,

That the candles had blown out.

The lights of home enthralled me;

I had no time for wonder.

And clouds of ice now cover the sky,

And set my heart achill.


I must leave now for the wilderness,

Amidst tangulous brambles and stones.

And spinning far above my head,

With no care for my affairs,

I’ll find the stars bursting holes in the firmament,

And wonder how I forgot such beauty.

The End

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