I've Always Loved You


I've always loved you, but i've never been able to tell you

my feelings are true, but I don't know how to show you

look down, a little to the left, its been a victim to your theft


Of all the girls i've ever met, you're the one I can't forget.

I love the way you show you care, and how you're always there.

You changed my world in a blink of an eye, and that I truly can't deny.


all I want is to be your lover, and not to be with any other

your voice is what I long to hear, or I just want you to be near

All you hafta do is listen to my plea, won't you please be with me?


I've written poems and songs, but every time it seems wrong

My words cant express what I really want to address

this overflowing feeling, in my heart thats burning


But no matter how hard I try, sometimes I wish I could cry,

Cuz you, the one that always shines, I know you'll never be mine.

The End

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