It's worse than we thoughtMature


With you I laugh without thinking, 

because uniquely your intelligence 

pales into insignificance

when compared to your persistence

That i do know about really. 

You might care

I love you you know that 

But where? 

Where did I lose your grin?

When I was so proud to drink gin 

And rejoice in your hair, 

the new cut, standing on end

I know this time I can't mend 

Without a taste of you

I'm very ill. 

It's worse than we thought, say the doctors. 

The snowball in hell, the last chance saloon 


Soon we will come up with a new phrase

A phrase that describes this: 

She loves him. 

He changed his number

She has lost him 

He's in India

She would run a marathon to kiss him 

He's taken. 

But there isn't a phrase that sums it all up 

There isn't a note sad enough to play 

to make her understand that her heart has had it's day 

No matter how stupid she has been 

Can it really mean this? 

She cannot be his. 




The End

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