it's time we've come to the end

we live lives like racetracks, 
pitted concrete roads 
and the smell of burning rubber polluting the air 

lungs like cracked porcelain, 
delicate veined marble 
shattering and leaving the debris of exhalation 
lodged in the inhale 

i wonder why nobody ever told us 
told us about car crash hearts and steering wheel throats

about how some people 
leave lipstick marks on one person's skin 
and others leave the pressure of their mouth in red red stains 
like scattered leaves on the wind 
to touch all those they want to

monogomas monotone 
we break all the things we love most 
just because that is the way that human beings work 
and that is the way our pulse goes

atomic bombs as our sunsets,
explosions of light that we cannot tell is air or carbon dioxide
our world turns like a somersault 

and i am imploding, 
crushed glitter stuck in drying rivers of blood 
and broken diamonds sharp under our bare feet like shattered glass

i am not a window
i am a mirror

like sitting in cars in oppressive silence, 
heavy hangs the jarred cross-blades over our heads
blue roses and strange moons

and i doubt 
that we've got anything left to lose. 

The End

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