It's time to write

It’s time to write sentences whether they need to be said or not,
whether they know what they mean or not,
and regardless of whether or not a reader might care.
Let me not pretend that this isn’t all about me.
I don’t write for the greater good, to contribute to anything,
to open your eyes, to dazzle you with my wit and perfection,
to give you anything, 
something you couldn’t achieve on your own.
If that were the case then I would not write.

I write for other reasons and it doesn’t matter which,
and you read for your own reasons, 
because you’re bored, because you're interested,
or maybe you feel obligated,
or something else entirely which to me it doesn’t matter.

I am only individual, one heart one brain, and one giant mess
of strings attached to them and for what purpose?
Nothing but accidental wirings,
copied from so many generations of good luck.
Good luck runs in pairs and for this reason I am not alone.
Independent and self-centered but never alone.

I do not write for him, nor live for him,
nor anything else I do for him.
But live my solitary life with open arms for him,
and further arms for you. 
And though the horizon lay dark and blurry,
so long as here and now is clear, 
I do not live by fear.
What lies ahead 
I never know
and so will not be moved.

The End

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