its time to move on

moving on is a difficult time in anybodies life especially for this young man he needs something to fall back on but lands firmly on the ground every time he gets back up and tries again but he cant move on no matter what he wont give up never!

moving on from you feels like it is an impossible task,
why is it that no matter how hard i try...
i cant seem to get what i set out to achieve.

seeing others accomplish what seems to be a simple task for them,
grinds at me and grinds at me every single day,
i manage to soldier on.

this is the part when i really need help to carry on,
a huge part of me wants to move on away from you,
but you might not realise it but... youve got me where you want me,
you know how to upset me, 
how too make me happy,
but worst of all you dont realise how this is affecting us both as individuals.

this may not be the best poem of my works but at least it tells our story in a sense that for some reason we remain with each other despite the bickering and persistant fall outs we have is this no telling us something?
maybe the day you found out was the worst thing that could have happened or maybe it will turn out to be the best thing that ever happened but who knows maybe we will move on from this and be happy as individuals but there is one thing that i request you do remember me and keep in touch.

The End

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