It's Time

It’s Time


I feel like a butterfly,
Flying high in the sky,
I feel the wind on my wings,
The freedom in my mind.
I watch the baby ducklings,
Even though I’m blind.
I hear the roots of trees under the earth,
And the gasping mother that just gave birth,
I hear all of these things,
I’m just listening.
I hear the death of an old man,
And the melting of a snowman,
I hear the crying of a lover,
And the snowman trying to calm her.
I hear my death slowly coming,
So I flap these wings faster,
All the pain I’m blocking,
I’m gonna keep fighting.
So I fight and fight,
Until tonight when I see the moonlight,
Then I’ll let go,
Let it take me,
My wings are starting to feel like jell-o,
And my mind is starting to go crazy,
I’ve heard all I can,
And I’ve listened all I’ve could.
Now it’s time for me to go.

The End

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