It's School Time!

School has always been fun. And now that my schooling days are over, I thought I'll reminisce the past. :P



I carve a smile along my way,

Wondering what will happen today,

Merrily kicking off this wonderful day,

Its school time yippee hooray!


Greeting teachers as we meet,

Ready to start their wonderful preach,

So that one day we will stand on both feet,

Success in life will always be in reach.


Playing with close friends very happily,

Cherishing our wonderful time in school,

Spending time in school merrily,

School is a burden, what a fool!


Seeking guidance when ever in need,

There is no need to be afraid,

Always remember our teacher’s good deed,

And do well in life that has been laid.


School is fun that is my say,

Enjoy school as much every day,

Gaining knowledge along the way,

Play truant and you will pay.


The End

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