its over.....

its a boy who is confused and needs space and a girl who wants to help but irts too late its over.



im sorry baybee but we cant do this anymore

our love is real

'but time in thin air is lost'

im not asking for a meal

to quince my thirst of yerning mingle

"i just need to gather my thoughts"

never thought about being single

mac without cheese, ying with out yang

"it wasnt suppose to end like this"

youll always be my pretty young thang


"the air lost in time we can gather"

"i love you"

falling together is something i rather

will we be together ever again someday

"just calm down dont think about it"

fine then we'll talk about it face-to-face monday

"dateing but not as close"

how can you do this

i feel like im just a host

"i was never really that mad at you"

what we have is real why throw  it away

i will always love you no matter what you do

but its over.....  

The End

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